Dick &
Geneva Mattis

32-count, mixer

Honky Tonk
Walkin' -
Headhunters -

Wild Wild
West -
Escape club
         Men                           Ladies
Side, together, side, touch      Side, together, side, touch
1        Side step left                                           Side step right
2        Drag right together                                 Drag left together
3        Side step left                                           Side step right
4        Touch together right                              Touch together left
5        Side step right                                        Side step left
6        Drag left together                                   Drag right together
7        Side step right                                        Side step left
8        Touch together left                                 Touch together right

Side, together, side, touch            Turn R, touch L
9          Side step left                                         3-step turn right
10        Drag right together        
11        Side step left        
12        Touch together right                          Touch together left
Side, together, side, touch                             Turn L, touch R
13        Side step right                                     3-step turn left
14        Drag left together        
15        Side step right        
16        Touch together left                             Touch together right

Turn to face LOD        
Step, scuffs                            Step, scuffs
17        Step forward left                               Step forward right
18        Scuff right                                           Scuff left
19        Step forward right                             Step forward left
20        Scuff left                                             Scuff right
21        Step forward left                               Step forward right
22        Scuff right                                          Scuff left
23        Step forward right                            Step forward left

Turn to face partner        
Back L, R, L, hitch R           Back R, L, R, hitch L
25        Step back left                                Step back right
26        Step back right                             Step back left
27        Step back left                                Step back right
28        Hitch right and clap                     Hitch left and clap

Moving left to next partner        
Step R, L, R, hitch L
            Step L, R, L, hitch R
29        Step forward right                        Step forward left
30        Step forward left                           Step forward (or together) right
31        Step forward right                        Step forward left
32        Touch together left                      Touch together right